Thursday, March 15, 2012

Castella Cake

I've been hit by the Kasutera / Castella or better known as the Japanese Sponge Cake fever. My friend Cynthia of started reviving the fever when she post it in her Facebook and everyone who knows how to bake started to bake this cake.

This cake uses 4 ingredients only -Flour, Sugar, Eggs & Honey. A good Kasutera is moist with a very fine texture and is very light. It does not have a speck of oil in it - no butter, margarine,or shortening. 

5 Egg Yolks
4 Egg whites
125g Castor Sugar
100g Bread Flour (I used High Protein flour)
15g Turbinado Sugar (I used Brown Sugar)
50g Honey + 2-3 tbsp hot water to dilute.

-Line insides & bottom of a 7" pan with foil & add a piece of parchment paper to bottom. Sprinkle with turbinado/brown sugar.
- Preheat ocen to 160 degree C.
- Whisk egg white on high speed & start adding castor sugar in 2-3 batches. Beat till firm peaks form.
- Add in yolks one at a time & mix on low speed till well combined.
- Add sifted flour & mix on low speed. Add honey + water & mix on low speed.
- Pour batter through a sieve onto cake pan. Tap pan on counter to remove bubbles.
- Bake 50 - 60 mins until golden brown on top.
- When ready, immediately take out and drop from a foot high to counter to prevent shrinkage.
- Cool and wrap with parchment paper/ cling film and store in fridge at least overnight.
- Trim sides before serving.

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  1. Hi Alex,
    Thanks for the link back to my blog, and glad you try it :)