Monday, September 13, 2010

Jelly Mooncake

Every year around August you will see all the bakery, supermarkets and sundry stores stocking up on boxes and boxes of mooncake and I never fail to fall in love with - not the mooncake but the boxes itself :-). Hubby says I have wierd hobby as I love to collect pretty tins or boxes. BUT this year, I didnt even get one as since I started to learn baking, I've been investing in cookbooks instead and furthermore my children are not into baked mooncakes and you can hardly find jelly mooncake for sale in supermarkets or bakery stores.

I attended a mooncake class in August conducted by Chef Khoo and this is one of the recipe which I find very easy to make and also the ingredients are easy to obtain. I noticed that jelly mooncake uses a lot of coloring so the first time I tried it out which was for own consumption, I did not add any colour but for the 2nd batch which is to be given to my children's tuition teacher, I added some colour to 'brighten' it up.

Pandan Sweet Corn Jelly Mooncake

Jelly Egg Yolk : 5g 'Agar agar' powder                                 
                        40g Castor sugar                                            
                        200g water
                        few drops orange colour

Bring all ingredients to a boil and pour into 'egg yolk' mould.

Filling:  (A) 2 tsp Agar-agar powder                                 (B) 100ml thick coconut milk
                  120ml thin coconut milk                                        150g cream style sweet corn
                  50g Castor sugar                                                   a drop of yellow colour
                  1/8 tsp salt (I omitted it as the corn was already salty enough)

1) Bring ingredients A to boil until agar agar dissolved.
2) Add in coconut milk of ingredient 'B'.
3) Add in the blended sweet corn and mix well.
4) Remove from heat and add a drop of yellow colour.
5) Pour into small mould (plastic cup) and put an 'egg yolk' in the middle.
6) Set aside.

Skin: (A) 3 tsp Agr-agar powder                                       (B) 100ml thick coconut milk
               1/2 tsp instant jelly                                                    100g pandan lotus paste
               500ml thin coconut milk                                            a drop of green colour
               few pcs pandan leaf
               80g Castor sugar

1) Bring all ingedients (A) to a boil until agar agar powder and jelly dissolved.
2) Add in coconut milk of ingredient (B).
3) As soon as its boiled, turn off heat and slowly pour into pandan paste. Mix well.
4) Pour mixture into mooncake mould until half. Wait for it to set a little and place the set filling.
5) Cover with remaining mixture till full.
6) Chill in fridge.

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  1. HI Sis,

    Great job on the mooncake! It's much healthy than the baked version because the lotus/bean paste has lots of oil in it.

    Do you think the Jelly mooncake mold will be hard to find when I get home late this year? If it's I might need you to get me some before they're gone after mooncake festival.

    Will you try the baked version and see if the recipe you learn will sag? I'm so craving for Kudat peanut now......