Monday, March 14, 2011

Baked Curry Puff

So far I have not been venturing into pastries as I was quite 'lazy' to roll and cut the pastry and cook the filling, etc, etc.. But after doing the sardine rolls, I tried out the curry puff, another old time favourite.

Again, from Agnes Chang's "Baking Made Easy" book, I use the 'Basic Rich Short Crust Pastry' recipe for the skin of the curry puff. You can also use store bought puff pastry to wrap up the fillings.

Rich Short Crust Pastry

250g Cold Butter, cut nto cubes
50g icing sugar
1 Egg yolk
360g plain flour mix with 2 tbsp Custard Powder, sifted

- Beat butter, icing sugar & egg yolk till creamy.
- Add in flour and mix to a plaible dough.
- Leave aside for 30 mins before shaping them.

Curry Puff Filling

200g Potatoes, cubed
1 Big Onion, cubed
100g Chicken Meat, diced
4 tbsp Curry Powder
Salt & sugar to taste

- Heat some oil & stir-fry onion till fragrant.
- Add chicken meat folowed by potatoes.
- Add curry powder then salt & sugar. Add some water if texture is rather dry.

1) Put pastry between plastics to roll them into thin round sheets.
2) Place 1 tbsp of filling in the middle & seal the edges.
3) Brush top with egg wash (egg yolk + some water)
4) Bake at 180 degree C for 23 - 30 mins.


  1. Hi Xandra,

    Been looking for baked curry puff n found your site. My first attempt to make baked curry puff failed already. Wanted to give a second try. May I know with this recipe, yield how many curry puff ?

  2. Hi Queenie,
    It depends on the size of the curry puff you make. With that size I made around 20 pcs. Do give it another try :-)