Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Dad's 70th Birthday & Japanese Cotton Cheesecake

Gosh! I've been neglecting my blog for some time. Sorry. It's not that I've not baked . I did but with the visits from my brothers who came from USA and Singapore during the christmas to new year, I didnt have time to blog my bakings. Their visit around this time was to celebrate my father's 70th birthday which was on 26th December 2010. I'm happy to say that this time, I managed to bake a birthday cake for my father and also some cuppies for the guests during dinner with the help from my brother from USA who is a baker as well.

Peach Fresh Cream Cake made & deco by both my brother & I.

Carrot Cupcake with Cream Cheese frosting. Fondant longevity bun moulded by my brother, cup cake baked by yours truly.

Having succesful attempts on baking 'Baked Cheesecake', I ventured to another type of cheesecake. The Japanese Cotton Cheesecake which is baked in 'water bath'. The texture of this cake is soft and has a milky taste, not too sweet..just nice for people who do not like sweet things.

This recipe is taken from Alex Goh's Fantastic cheesecake.

(A) 160g Cream Cheese
       25 g Butter
      120g Milk

(B) 40g Flour
      30g Cornflour

(C) 4 Egg Yolks

(D) 4 Egg Whites
      1/8 tsp Cream of tartar
      100g sugar
      pinch of salt

1. Grease & line the bottom of an 8" springform pan. Wrap outside of the pan with aluminium foil.
2. Double boil (A) & cook until thick.
3. Add (B) and mix until well combined. Add (C) and mix till well blended.
4. Whip the egg whites in (D) until foamy. Then add the remaining ingredient (D). Continue whipping until soft peaks.
5. Add into the cheese mixture from step 3. Mix till well blended.
6. Pour the batter into the prepared pan and bake in water bath at 160 degree C for 40 - 45 mins.
7. Remove cake from oven. Remove cake from mould immediately. Set aside to cool.

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