Sunday, February 13, 2011

Seaweed Crispies

I used to buy this seaweed crackers by the containers during CNY as my family loves it and also a way of getting my youngest son who dislikes anything green to eat it. He only takes seaweed on its own or wrapped as sushi. He likes this crackers but not very into it...:-)

Recently I bought a book entitled 'Biscuit D.I.Y' published by One Publisher. The recipes inside are mostly the classic cookies and are not difficult to make.

This seaweed crispies is taken from the book:

1 packet Spring Roll Sheets (50 pcs)
50 pieces Seaweed Sheet
2 eggs (lightly beaten0
Oil for deep frying

1) Use a pastry brush to brush a thin layer of beaten egg on a piece of spring roll sheet.
2) Put a piece of seaweed sheet on top. Press firmly.
3) Proceed with the rest of the spring roll & seaweed sheets.
4) Use a scissor to cut into squares.
5) Deep fry seaweed spring roll pieces in medium hot oil till crispy. Remove & drain well before storing.

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